What Is Google Instant Search & It’s Benefits

Google Instant Search is a terrific search strategy that is fruitful for Web site owners and SEO/SEM professionals. The search strategy not only works great with PPC but also an amazing time saver for the real time SEO/SEM activities as it brings out more effective and usable search results than otherwise possible. Searching information over Internet has not only become great, but it has become faster than before.

As per statistics, while earlier it took over 9 seconds to 90 seconds to type and enter   the search term, but the now with “Google Internet Search” powerful things have changed for the good, and they have changed for the best. With the stupendous power of Google Instant, all it takes to do search on Internet is 2-5 seconds, and you can really do it in the smart manner.

It is estimated that internet searcher can save around 3.5 billion seconds a day. There are at least 15 new technologies which work together with Google Instant and bring marvelous search results that are relevant and readily usable. Google has moved up from HTML to Ajax Applications which provides completely cross platform and cross browser choice. After the search is generated with the help of JavaScript optimizations, the search results are refined to get appropriate results.

The key difference that holds between the “Google Instant” search and the usual search undertaken by the user is that the search results in “Google Instant” search begins to populate at the very instant when the user has not finished typing the keywords or key phrase.

The search power of “Google Instant” is simply enormous, and you cannot compare it with any other online search technology available.  “Google Instant” works on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Google is also planning to launch the mobile version of Google Instant very soon, which will help the internet capable mobile phone users to get fast search results.

Visit Google Instant for more information.

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