What is a Content Management System? Do I need one for my site?

What is a Content Management System? Do I need one for my site?

Content Management System
Content Management System

One of the best tools in having a website is what is known as CMS, which stands for Content Management System (or some cases, Software). Content Management Systems allow websites more flexibility, features, automation and organization as well as take away a lot of the stress in updating websites manually.

There are many type of template based Content Management Systems on the web. One of the most powerful CMS we have used to develop websites…

is called Joomla. Joomla is known as an Open Source CMS which means the source code is accessible and able to easily modify. Joomla has many features, known as modules or mambots, that can be used when developing the website. Features such as video and photo galleries, shopping carts, polls, news articles, message forums, stats packages and so on.

E-commerce websites also use Content Management Systems to create inventory, track orders, create customer accounts, manage coupons, marketing & promotional materials and so on. There are also Open Source E-commerce Content Management Systems on the internet such as OsCommerce and ZenCart. Both are an “out of the box” solution to creating an online store.

BMD Media has also been developing our own in-house E-Commerce Solution that is fully custom and can also be sold as a turnkey E-Commerce Store. The latest website in development using this is RAHFurniture.com

Content Management Systems come in all different variations and can be used for virtually any type of website. For example, we developed a Custom CMS platform for an online school registration website which also includes an online store, course calendar, student registration and full administrative backend. Berklyn.com . CMS can be used for a number of other websites such as Real Estate to manage & show listings, roofing company to manage customer leads, car dealerships to manage inventory, online school to manage students and classes and so on…

So now the question “Do I need one for my website?“.

There really is no right or wrong answer, it really depends on the purpose of the website and how flexible, automated and organized you would like it to be, but to make your life a lot easier and your website more powerful, user friendly and easy to manage, we strongly recommend a Content Management System.

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  1. The common trend right now is using the so called CMS on websites for the convenience of our clients and for the easy updating of websites. Still, its up to the client on what approach they wanted for their site. Thank God for opensource!

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