What are Directory Submissions? Do I need them? YES!

What are Directory Submissions? Do I need them? YES!

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What are Directory Submissions?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting your website to web directories in order to acquire backward links. Web Directories are typically websites which allow you to submit links to them under relevant categories.

There are several different types of web directories:

1. Free Web Directories – Those directories which allow you to submit links to them for free are called free web directories. Often, there is a stringent approval method which is followed with these directories.

2. General Web Directories – Web Directories which accept General links are called General Web Directories. These directories allow you to submit any kind of links except for porn and explicit content.

3. Niche Directories
– Directories which only accept links from a specific niche and/or genre are called Niche Web Directories.

4. Bidding Directories – Directories where you can bid on each permanent link position are called bidding directories.

5. Paid Web Directories – Web Directories which allow you to post links to them upon paying them a fee are called Paid Web Directories.

6. Reciprocal Link Directories – Directories which allow you to post links on them upon placing a reciprocal link from within your site are called reciprocal link directories.

Why submit to directories?

One of the major reasons why people submit to directories is in order to acquire backlinks.

Some other advantages:

1. You can significantly improve your search engine rankings.
2. You can get clean one way links to your website.
3. It enables you to acquire more relevant traffic to your site.

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  1. Directories have proven an important source for links. These links should ideally be optimized for the keywords that we want our site ranked for in the search engines. Usually directories allow the submission of just one page (generally home page), so the keywords have to be relevant to that page. Make sure that you have researched your keywords well and chosen those that are minimally competed for but adequately searched.

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