For Immediate Release! BMD Media Version 3.0 Website Launches!

For Immediate Release! BMD Media Version 3.0 Website Launches!

After months of hard work and long hours, BMD Media (a Phoenix based Website Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing Firm) is proud to release the newest version of our website! Version 3.0!

Now Earn Money By Our Online Marketing Affiliate Program! Up to $120 Per Client Per Month!

So what is an affiliate program exactly? An affiliate program is one of the easiest ways to make an income by reselling another company’s products or services. In our case, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced our very own Affiliate Program for our Online Marketing & Link Building Services

What is a Content Management System? Do I need one for my site?

One of the best tools in having a website is what is known as CMS, which stands for Content Management System (or some cases, Software). Content Management Systems allow websites more flexibility, features, automation and organization as well as take away a lot of the stress in updating websites manually.

Gas Price Increase Best Thing To Happen To Internet Sales?

If it cost more to get to a store than it does to buy something from the store, will that hurt business? Of course!

The Pros & Cons to Pure Flash Animation Websites

Over the last few years, there has always been the dispute between website designers and clients on websites developed completely in Flash & Actionscript. While they are definitely visually eye catching, they also have a strong negative effect.

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