Photoshop Paint Brushes, Can it get any better?!

Photoshop Paint Brushes, Can it get any better?!

Photoshop Paint Brushes
Photoshop Paint Brushes

So last night I was doing some browsing around the net for some Adobe Photoshop plugins and brushes and I came across some really awesome and artistic brushes and I couldn’t wait to try out! I have been using Adobe Photoshop for over 12 years now and I just can’t believe how simple it is to create masterpieces just by using simple elements like a brush….


Would you believe that image above was created by only clicking ONCE for each brush… all that I needed to do was change the colors and voila! There are literally thousands of Photoshop Brushes out there, most free to use!

Being that we do website design, these brushes are an every day tool in developing eye catching designs. Some people might think it’s “cheating”, but you have to be open-minded. There is literally NO limit to what the creative mind could come up with!

Now it’s time to play with some Filters! (Plugins)

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