Learning Photoshop as a Beginner!

Learning Photoshop as a Beginner!

So last night I decided that I wanted to learn photoshop from the ground up.. this isn’t the first time that I wanted to sit and take the time and learn it, but with a little one running around (2 year old), that’s quiet difficult. But now that I finally have some free time (while he’s asleep), I thought I could take the time and learn something fun!

My husband works daily on it and I have always watched him and thought it was so interesting how everything worked and how just one program had all these super neat features, like …..

….all the different types of brushes there are and all the ways you can use them!

His parents are out of town and we’re house sitting for them and they are way into photoshop. They have Photoshop lesson books around, so I just decided to grab them and so far I have read up to 170 pages in 2 days!

It comes with a CD-rom “Classroom In a Book” that you install for each book.  Each Book has approx. 10 to 15 lessons in each book, and about 3 or more projects in each lesson. I am only on the first book..”Adobe Photoshop CS2″.

In the first lesson, it taught me how to have one student from a class picture stand out and the rest be darkened around him (lighting effects). I thought it was quite easy to learn that since it was my first project using Photoshop! I did it rather fast and I even impressed my husband and he learned something new! – haha!

I also think it’s very easy to follow the instructions in each lesson. It is very word to word intructions and even tells you to undo something if you mess up! That is one thing I find pretty neat because you can go back and redo something if you mess up on something.. rather than if you were drawing on a piece of paper and had to get a whole new sheet of paper! 😛

In one of the other lessons it had me repair grafiti on a rock wall, that was also very easy to do!.. I was so proud of myself about getting that done because it looked like it wasn’t even there in the first place! In the same lesson -different project- it had me do a mans face and repair his wrinkles, that was also easy and very exciting to do!

I never thought that something like photoshop could be so fun and entertaining! I am glad that I now have some free time to learn something that catches my attention!

Hope you enjoyed my blog on “Learning Photoshop”.. and if you ever have the chance to learn it, I highly recommend it! It’s a lot of fun and you can even brag to your friends about what you did:P

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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