Gas Price Increase Best Thing To Happen To Internet Sales?

Here in Phoenix, Arizona gas prices are $3.60 per gallon and from what I hear from the media, that’s the $0.16 cheaper than the National Average! So what is that doing for businesses? If it cost more to get to a store than it does to buy something from the store, will that hurt business? Of course!

Over the last year, I have seen an incredible amount of businesses having a new website design or an e-commerce web site to sell their products, and why shouldn’t they? The benefits of having an online store built over a “brick and mortar” are huge! Less in-house inventory, no utilities bill, not worrying about spending $100 a week in gas to drive to work, less overhead cost, the list goes on…

But the biggest benefit to having a company website designed or an online shopping cart / store is that there really is no hours of operation… the internet is open 24/7/365 (366 this year haha)

Even here in Phoenix, you go online to and do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered! How cool is that?

In my opinion, I think that the more and more cost of living goes up (gas, food, utilities, mortgage, etc..), the more people (and companies) are going to turn to the internet to live. That’s just my thought…

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