About BMD Media - Phoenix Website Design

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, BMD Media was created in late 2005. With a combined total of over 50 years of computer experience, website design, print media, photography, videography, programming, software development and artist creativity, we take the upmost pride in creating tools for businesses large and small. When BMD Media was first created, our services were limited to only website design for small to medium size companies looking to expand their online presence and increasing their business. Within this last year, BMD Media has broken out of the box and grown to become a single point destination for all media, design, search engine optimization and marketing needs.


BMD Media About Us

Bryan Young - CEO / President

Since the age of 6, Bryan has learned computers as a second language, developing websites since the age of 14. Being that his father was a Civil Engineer and owning his own development business, living in a house with 5+ computers at all times wasn't out of the ordinary. Since then, Bryan has learned many areas of the internet development such as website design, marketing, html, php, search engine optimization, affiliate management, flash design and more.

Michael Belleca - Project Manager

Michael and Bryan have been friends for over 13 years now. With over ten years of professional design experience, Michael Belleca has been recognized for his exceptional visual and conceptional problem solving skills. From interactive media to traditional graphic design, he can bring the innovation and expertise needed for successful visual communications.

Joseph Ramirez - Lead Designer

Joseph's passion for web design started in college which led to a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Joseph has extensive design experience using Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, VB, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign familiarity with PHP/MySQL and other programs such as MS Office.

Martin Przelaskowski - Lead 3D Graphics Artist

Martin is one of the most talented 3D graphics artists we have had with us. Martin calls himself a graphic designer first and foremost, yet has skills and passions in many areas of computing, internet, programming, design, usability and troubleshooting. Martin strives to make all his designs as simple and practical as possible and if he manages to make them look great too then he feels that he has succeeded.
You can see Martin's outstanding 3D work in our Online Portfolio.

Jhong Kabiling - Lead Programmer

Jhong received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at STI College Mandaluyong City Philippines. Using different kinds of platforms and tools such as,PHP/MySQL,MS SQL/Classic ASP,VB.net and C#, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, VB, Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Image Ready

Jose "JC" Pandi - Sr. Web Designer

JC has seven years experience in web design and a major asset to BMD Media. His expertise on Flash design has drawn him to do web animation and presentation. He loves watching sci-fi and adventure movies. In his off-time he enjoys playing & writing music along with his electronic keyboard. His favorite quote, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it”.

Sean Mitchell - Marketing and SEO Expert

Sean began his career as a full time Internet Marketer and Search Engine consultant back in 1999 after having spent over 12 years as an IT management troop in the US Air Force. Jumping into the dot com boom of the late 90s was a natural transition. He controls several #1 and page one positions on Google, is highly skilled in the setup and ROI tracking of PPC campaigns and is amazing in his ability to exploit the most cutting edge Web 2.0 & social media marketing.

Lee Farr- Director of Social Media & Online Marketing

Lee is directly responsible for the development of our Social Media and Online Marketing campaigns for BMD Media. His primary responsibilities include customizing social media marketing plans and strategy for small to medium sized businesses. He oversees a team of social media consultants and all of our social media marketing campaigns. He is also responsible for developing strategic planning initiatives for our clients in terms of social media marketing. He holds master's degrees in Business Management, Organizational Management, and Education.

Vince Vandergalien -Client Sales Relations

Vince and Bryan have been friends for 11 years and climbing. With Vince's father being one of the very first Wireless Internet Providers available, he has been involved in integrated computer technology since 1996. With his professionally known resources at hand, rest assured you can have that specific webpage designer or your social media event planned and out to the public to view with exceptional customer satisfaction. Vince can plan your events with a team of high-end video producers that use the latest HD technology.