5 Powerful Tools For Keyword Suggestions and Ideas

5 Powerful Tools For Keyword Suggestions and Ideas

Many of you experienced keyword-junkies out there may already know about these tools, but nonetheless these are some very important tools that can be used to create the most powerful use of keywords for your website or blog.

Here’s what we start out with ( keep in mind, these are tools for keyword building and research and don’t delve into issues such as keyword density, page flow etc., ). These are used primarily for Suggestions.

1. Adwords External Keyword Tool

This tool can be called the “big brother” of keyword drilling based on generic ideas.

It’s both a great tool for figuring out potential keyword combinations based both on ideas presented and semantic terms.

It also doubles up by showing search traffic for these terms according to Google. ( Even though I believe most of the data is skewed to an extent ).


Usage – 3/5
Finding New Keywords – 4/5
Finding Search Traffic – 3/5

Total – 10/15

2. Keyword Discovery


Keyword Discovery is yet another  service which tries to replicate the function of Wordtracker.

But, Keyword Discovery scores a separates itself from the rest when it comes to usability as well as finding regional search data.

If you’re trying to figure out the search data for regional terms or optimizing for google.co.uk or .com.au, this is one awesome tool.


Usage – 4/5
Finding New Keywords – 3/5
Finding Search Traffic – 2/5

Total – 9/15

3. Wordtracker

I included Wordtracker in this list after much resistance, not because the tool is not perfectly a keyword research tool, but because its more of an antique tool.

Wordtracker hasn’t evolved one bit over the years and still sticks to its basic function of suggesting keywords based on a thesaurus type model and displaying the search data based on meta-crawlers like Dogpile.

The only thing I like with Wordtracker is its keyword basketing system ( almost like an ecommerce site checkout ) and its massive KEI functions.


Usage – 2/5
Finding New Keywords – 3/5
Finding Search Traffic – 2/5

Total – 7/15

4. Google Suggest

Google Suggest is NOT EXACTLY a typical keyword research tool, its more of an attempt by Google to tweak their search quality.

But, this tool is awesome for finding our long keywords phrases!

I had to include this in the list for the amazing arrays of search phrases you can optimize your website with the help of this tool.

After all,  keyword search phrases are gold!


Usage – 4/5
Finding New Keywords – 5/5
Finding Search Traffic – 0/5

Total – 9/15

5. Yahoo Search Assist

This feature is similar to Google Suggest. After all, Yahoo is the second largest search engine on the net.


Usage – 4/5
Finding New Keywords – 3/5
Finding Search Traffic – 0/5
Total – 7/15

Although search results can never be guaranteed, I can promise you that these tools are some of the best you’ll find out there and the most important objective is these tools can help you create that foundation for a very successful search engine marketing strategy.

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  1. Great resource of keyword tools. Will be trying them out. I have heard about Keyword Discovery. I must go and check it out. Thanks for the post, Goran

  2. This is a great post you have written. Having this information will prove to be very useful going forward. Thanks

  3. Some people really overcomplicate things. Thanks for letting us know. Good read. Sometimes I wonder why people bother manually doing everything themselves.

  4. Great article, I use all of these from time to time. Try WebCEO for keyword analysis and more.

  5. I use google keyword tool and suggest quite a bit. Nice tools actually. I can’t be bothered paying for paid tools because they generally don’t give me any more than I could think of with google’s free tools.

    Searching forums for people’s conversations is also a crucial tool for finding out popular language used in a certain market.

  6. Nice article and good suggestions, but WordTracker info may be a tad outdated! Wordtracker.com is an excellent SEO, social media marketing/ online marketing resource website. Plus, the wortracker tool itself has undergone many changes. Would be good to have a 2010 update of this article.

  7. Nice list. I just tried nichebotclassic.com. It looks good too and reminds me of the old Overture Keyword suggestion tool.
    Thanks Elaine for sharing.
    I just wanted to share http://www.wordstream to this list.
    (i am in no way connected to wordstream, neither do i do SEO or SMM for them)

  8. I’ve always just used Google’s External KW tool, although there is a new beta release which I’ve tried a few times, but other than an annoyingly different layout, I can’t see any difference – anyone else tried it? Great post BTW 🙂

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